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In Ava It appears to are part of the king's title, that he was "King in the white elephant, and Lord with the twenty-4 umbrellas." In 1855 the King of Burma directed a letter into the Marquis of Dalhousie through which he variations himself "His wonderful, superb, and many great Majesty, who reigns around the kingdoms of Thunaparanta, Tampadipa, and all the great umbrella-donning chiefs on the Eastern international locations".

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With the Company shut down, an enormous volume of Bio-Weapon and virus samples appeared around the black marketplace, birthing an age of bio-terrorism. The final word irony came to be that the earth was safer with Umbrella than without it. Umbrella's viral legacy

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For a Cover of point out, umbrellas have been frequently used in southern and japanese Europe, after which you can handed within the imperial court into church ceremony. They are really located in the ceremonies on the Byzantine Rite, had been borne more than the Host in procession, and kind Section of the Pontifical regalia.

/ʌmˈbrɛlə/ noun one. a conveyable system made use of for defense against rain, snow, and so forth, and consisting of a lightweight canopy supported with a collapsible steel body mounted over a central rod 2. the flattened cone-shaped contractile body of a jellyfish or other medusa three.

a small canopy employed for a safety in opposition to the Sunlight in China, Egypt, and elsewhere in remote antiquity. It absolutely was normally an emblem of rank. All through the Middle Ages the umbrella became Practically extinct in Europe; its usefulness was not rediscovered until finally the late sixteenth cent., when it absolutely was launched as being the parapluie (Fr.,=against the rain). Its use did not grow to be normal, having said that, right until the late 18th cent., when it is claimed to happen to be introduced in England by Jonas Hanway; umbrellas were initial manufactured over the Continent right after 1787.

Another distinction might be created amongst manually operated umbrellas and spring-loaded computerized umbrellas which spring open up within the press of the button.

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Birkin planned to utilize the virus to drive the Umbrella Corporation into enabling him onto their govt board, but then adjusted his plans when he found that providing it directly to the U.S. Federal government would establish far more lucrative - nevertheless this is predicated on Umbrella's feeling.

We walked to city, my sister foremost the way in which in an exceedingly huge beaver bonnet, and carrying a basket like the Great Seal of England in plaited straw, a set of pattens, a spare shawl, and an umbrella, while it was a wonderful vivid day.

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Examples Phrase Origin See additional synonyms on noun 1. a light, compact, moveable, commonly circular deal with for cover from rain or sun, consisting of a fabric held with a collapsible body of thin ribs radiating within the major of a carrying stick or take care of.

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